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#42; Mnet Ultimate Live in Thailand


» I SEE HOW IT IS IT HAS BEEN 5 MONTHS SINCE I UPDATED MY LJ \O/ Wow just be glad I'm actually writing a fan account of my trip to Thailand for Mnet Ultimate Live in Asia ^_______^v Normally I'd do this on tumblr but the posts layout on LJ seems nicer hehe. YES BITCHES I WENT BACK TO THAILAND AFTER THE LAST TIME I GOT BUTTHURT I MISSED THEM FOR OPPO :D

Day 1; 101111
Mom dropped me off Changi Airport where I had to do everything myself. Aka check in, pay for baggage allowance etc. Before I left everyone was being really nice & naggy, going all "TAKE CARE, BE SAFE, TEXT ME EVERY HOUR" Wow all you worry warts. My mom just told me to buy her Nike socks;; I met Kii and Obb at Starbucks upon arrival and they drove me down to the hotel (Yes bitches I lived in the same hotel but got to see /nothing/ f m l) I was briefed on 2PM's schedule etc and went for lunch with Kii. SHE WAS REALLY NICE AND TREATED ME TO SUKIYAKI I CAN'T EVEN-


After the others left I was loitering around the hotel and nearby malls, buying the cheapest baby toothbrush and chocolate milk. I even got an imitation Jimmy Choo purse ok stop judging it actually looks pretty;; By the time I got back to the hotel there were 749587247234892343 fans waiting at the lobby but I was all "mehhh" and went back up to get online. I was told the boys would arrive around midnight but it was only 10+/11 and I got pretty worried so I went downstairs to check out the situation again. Only then did Sana find me and drag me over to her clique where Danjisoo, Biya & a few of the 2PMalways girls were there. (Yes I shook Danjisoo's hand huhuhuhuhuhu she kind of laughed at me /pathetic orz)

Right before the boys arrived, the girls from 2PMalways offered to let me sit in front with Sana (aka best seat ever l o l). Sana had her really qt fan with Chansung's herp derp face printed out on it while I had my "찬성랑해" towel. The boys' mom got there first so there were just looking around and taking pictures (which was really cute omg tourist TTM ^_____^;;) Chansung's mom was on my left and when she saw my towel (which has obviously huge words that says I love her son l m a o), she aimed her camera upon us ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; Whether she snapped a photo or not I have no idea because that cockblock of a fat ass guard got in the way.

When the boys got here, I was shaking and in awe of their presence. CHANSUNG'S SMILE O MG MY BRAIN CAN'T EVEN- You guys have to understand how my bias towards him is so extreme he takes up 99% of my love & attention while the other 5 gets 0.2% each;; The boys stopped in front of us (told you it was the best seat l o l) and started greeting/hugging the people they knew. I CAUGHT A GLIMPSE OF CHANSUNG STARING AT US WHILE HE WAS HUGGING SOME DUDE. Chansung I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you rabu me huhuhuhuhuhuhu. There's no other superstar yo- ok nvm \o////////////

I stayed in the lobby till 3AM going on my web-cam with Siyuan, (whom I obviously forced online) At that time, Buck's mom, grandma & his brother was there BUT L O L SO MUCH IRRELEVANCE WHEN YOU KNOW 2PM IS ACTUALLY THERE;; Minjae passed by too but because his hands were full so I didn't have the heart to even speak to him;; Passed out on bed after sipping 2 bottles of chocolate milk huhu.

Day 2; 101112
Long & tiring day aight ^_____^;;

Ok so the day before, Daw, who works for a Magazine in Thailand, called me up and told me she'll fetch me to head down to the TV station where 2PM will be at so I'll need to be up and gone by 7AM. (YES SO THIS IS WHY I MISSED THEM AT THE POOL OK;;) I did, however, meet Chanho's mom while waiting for Daw. I introduced myself to them (after 49587239423 minutes of hesitation), telling them I was a Singapore fan lmao. Both of them went "UWAH JEONGMAL? SIN-GA-PO-LEUL? UWAHHHH" I'd have said more like "THANK YOU FOR GIVING BIRTH TO SUCH GORGEOUS SONS" but I have extremely limited korean + was extremely nervous + they were waiting to get breakfast so how could I possibly hold them up even longer;;

H O W E V E R, getting to the TV station first and joining Daw as /press/ had its pros (despite me missing them at the pool..... sobs) ^____________^v I got to see them at that mini donation where I squeeze through to the front with Daw and even got the front seats/permission to "crawl" on the ground to get pictures as media on 9 entertainment lmao. THEY WERE EXTREMELY GORGEOUS AND DESPITE NOT UNDERSTANDING ANYTHING I HAD SO MUCH FUN WATCHING THEM BEING THEIR DORK SELVES. I COULD FEEL MY HEART BEATING FAST AS FUCK AND I WAS SHAKING LIKE A VIBRATOR \O//////////. I REALLY CAN'T SPAZZ EXCEPT JUST KEYSMASH LIKE THIS: '[SA'KVS[JEASHNJEGEAIGHAG948THWRGASZVN'AAGB]RGDBKDB';.FBDFBFDSZ.

When the filming was over the fans had to leave first. I, however, got to stay hehehehehehehehehe. This was the time when the boys get to continue eating, or come down from the "stage" and greet the people around them. Buck came down to hug his mom, which was extremely sweet. I was directly next to him and amazed at his height (and probably legs j f c why so tiny;). When I turned around I realised Taec was directly behind me and had the shock of my life. Har har;; Took me 5 seconds to revive to su concsiousness and reached my hand out going all "Hi taec ^____^;;" He was drinking his water melon smoothie with 2 hands so when he realised he went all "Oh! Hi~" and shook my hand lmao. I cry whenever I think of how awkward it was. After that, he offered his mom the drink which was extremely adorable. While he went back on stage he said "BYE~~~" to me (whom yes, was creepily staring at him l o l) and cracked a lil`, clearing his throat, which led me to laugh at him hard lmaooooooooo.

Daw has been interviewing/taking pictures of Buck since before he was even in 2PM so he recognised her and they had a little chat as I stood behind them ^_____^;; IT WAS IN THAI OK I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE THING. He posed for her camera, in which I creepily snapped pictures too huhuhuhu;; And after more interviews & photo taking, they left the venue~

Free Image Hosting at

Harharrr this is my fan account I can be as biased as I want ^___^;;

This picture i d e-

/stands behind Daw creeps #likeaboss

Daw had another job to do which involve covering for media coverage over at the digital gateway. I followed her there and she managed to grab a media goodie bag for me which contained lots of Jello (wih collagen and vitamin C and zinc etc l o l wae;;) By then my contacts were killing my eyes so all I did was sleep. OT but the show girls were gorgeous, all 1001 of them;; When we finally left for Siam Paragon, Daw had to leave me outside the "media" venue so I waited for Kii & Obb. It reached a point of time when my eyes were hurting like fuck so I had to return back to the hotel & grab my spectacles. It was only then when I realised BEAST (Daw told me it was Junhyung & Doojoon) lived on the same floor, which explains the 390483294239432 guards around my door. Yes they were like 5 rooms away or something.

Yet, I couldn't be bothered to wait for them on the same storey in fear that 2PM might head out any moment, so instead of heading back to the pres conference venue, I stayed at the hotel and waited for them to head out. It was by then I realised this group of korean girls with parrppooolll ribbon and chansung slogan towels so I went up to them and questioned if they were Sweet Chansung. Yea, they were. And they were in shock when they found out I knew them lmao ^_____^ "Famous" huhuhuhu so qt. (Oh I shook their admin's hand again LMAO WHY J F C ) They only got there on the 12th so they missed out the filming at 9 entertainment, hence they ended up looking through my pictures and going all "찬성이 너무 잘 생겼다~~~" HARRR HARRRR I HAD TO AGREE WITH THEM OK THEY SPEAK THE TRUTH;; AND WE ARE CHANSUNG STANS AFTER HUHUHUHUHU NEVER BANDAE ONLY CHANGSUNG (forever amused at word plays why have i reached this stagee;;) I got to learn a few things from them, like how they were selling their Chanlendar on the concert day itself, how they are customizing their slogan towels to pass it to Chansung when they get to Korea etc etc (I got along with them so much more than with  Danjisoo lmao awkward;;) I even offered to let them stand in front of me because I look forward to their fancams/pics rofl;

After Beast & 4 minute left, 2PM came out in those slick black outfits which got me to fap like cray. I was holding my Chan slogan towel from the fan union while the SC girls beside me held their own. Chansung was being a dick with his earpiece plugged in & not giving a fuck until he saw the girls from SC and eventually/finally smiled....... to them. LMAO I MELTED. Well SC has been extremely great to him with their expensive gifts & great pictures. Anyway if you are asking about the other members, as usual, my inner bias has taken over I could only spot chansung lmaoooooooooooooooooooo;;

I ran down to Siam Paragon again for the fansign (because the conference was extremely fucked up messy and crowded, though I did go and take a look + wait for friends), in which Daw, at the last minute, told me she wanted to chase Beast hence is giving me the passes into the fansign huhuhuhuhuhu. IT WAS PERFECT OK. LIKE I WAS SO CLOSE LMAO AND ALL I DID WAS STARE IN AMUSEMENT AT THE BOYS. Especially Taec because he was so ridiculous. Not even going to lie about  Chansung being boring l o l o l o l o l (but then again, look at the amount of fanpics I've taken of him......... it doesn't really matter how interesting he is I could tell he was bored too lmaooooooo;;) After the fansign and some waving and goodbyes, Chanho assumed it was over and walked out, only to be called back in lmao ♥ More pictures were taken with unknown people blah blah blah !!!! And they finally left ^____^;;

I got like 9 of these lmao;;

There're no press conference fanpics posted on W2D from me because they are ugly and small etc etc;;

But look at that idiot herpin` as the rest be derpin`

huhuhu something I need for every event if we want fanpics.

(He kept laughing over it with buck /)__________(\)

Chnaho were eating marshmallows and sharing a bottle of water huhuhu.

Free Image Hosting at

Flew back to the hotel after all this and was told I need to head off to the stadium by 8AM with the others. However, I stayed up till 3AM to talk to the girls online & look out for the boys (yet, they are always at the gym, which was restricted to everyone and anyone that is not 2PM;;) Oh oh oh when Beast passed by I wanted to web-cam with Siyuan but I wasn't online l o l hard life;;

Day 3; 101113
I overslept... -_________-;; I wanted to get up around 6AM and have breakfast plus upload the fanpics I took from the fansign/9 entertainment but my alarm clock failed to ring so I got up only when my friend called up and was all "I AM ARRIVING IN 15 MINUTES ^_____^ /HANGS UP WITHOUT LETTING ME SAY ANYTHING" lol fuck my life I tripped over the bed trying to put on my panties ok. But we got there asap and I went over to the media table to grab my passes. The girls at the table were all "Oh! Wild2day!" harrharrr international bitches ^_____^v So I was given this really gay T-shirt, Hanami and...... well honestly I can't remember;; I was assigned SE along with Obb and Kii as we were all at the "fansites" category, but Daw was goin under her magazine so she was assigned to SK... or SD ok I forgot; Anyway, we didn't want pictures of W2D to be all from the same angle so I ended up with Daw instead keke.

I made a good choice ok (DESPITE THE FACT THAT CHANSUNG WAS ALWAYS ON THE LEFT AND I KNEW THAT FROM THE START /SACRIFICIAL I WANT TO CRY) But I got to go as close as I could to the stage from where I was, unlike the other zone where everyone was chased back harrrharrr ^______^v Not that I could take great pictures despite this opportunity anyway because my zoom lens were lousy as fuck huhuhuhu. Despite all this, the fanmeet was really precious ^________^ Jun. K walked past my area so I panicked and feared I couldn't snap proper pictures, hence it ended up being a fancam;; HOWEVER, CHANNIE WAS EXTREMELY ADORABLE WITH THE KICKING OF THEM BALLS L M A O. So was Wooyoung because he afraid to leave his;; (I have to admit he was being an extreme loner on those steps) After games, interviews and performances, we got to watch a fanmade video, in which I totally could not understand because it was in Thai and translated to Korean. L O L SERIOUSLY LIFE IS SO HARD IN OTHER COUNTRIES O R Z.

I left telling the girls over at the media booth who offered me "breakfast", but I ended up thanking Daw for taking a packet for me and gobbled it down l o l wae;;

Free Image Hosting at
Harhar everyone was taking pictures with this but I felt dumb so I didn't;;

(that huge hanami packet is forever facepalm worthy ok)


Chanhosu were so happy they won idek ^____^;;

LOOK AT HIM ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;

omg he was such an asshole he gave that wrapper away...............
but every body still wanted it anyway lmao

There was a huge 5 hours gap to the concert after the end of the fanmeet so Daw took me for lunch at Sizzlers'. Huhuhuhuhu I love the salad bar ;A; We returned back to the stadium where I met up with Kii & Obb to take my ticket. While loitering, we bumped into the Sweet Chansung girls. They recognised me and were being all "OH! ^__________________^", and thus I bought a Chanlendar off them. I had no plans of purchasing one before I met them because of the shipping fees, so thank god they flew over hehe. I only found out the girls of along with a few other sites came over which leaves me in much regrets because I really wanted to meet them ;~~~~~~~;

Anyway, I entered the stadium /again/ when the gates open. They did an extremely thorough check for cameras l o l. At one point of time I thought they were going to touch my bewbs;; Obb's friend stuffed her camera into her bra so her boob looked square-ish;; But anyway, because I purchased a 3500 Baht seat at a later date, I sat alone on the last row ^______^;; I was honestly bored & impatient when other artistes performed, to the extent that I almost fell asleep around 4minute and wonder girls. I'm not hatin` ok, my love for 2PM is just too strong r o f l. Anyhow, when the boys /finally/ came on, the entire stadium went wild ^____^ It was like a 360 degree change in me and the people among me (at first we were all cold and not very enthusiastic). I forgot the song list of what the boys performed lmao. BUT THEY WERE FABULOUS..... SORT OF L O L. THEY LOOKED FABULOUS ANYWAY. CHANSUNG WITH HIS HAIR PUSHED BACK & ALL, BEING REALLY SXC AND MAKING ME SCREAM WHENEVER HE APPEARS/GETS MENTIONED/SINGS L O L.

As for what happened between me and Chanho, let me just quote what I wrote on tumblr l o l.

So I sat on the 2nd floor for Mnet which had like, a difference of less than 1 meter in height from the stage. (you could reach your hand out from the railings and if artistes wants to they can touch your hand too etc) I happened to run down the steps to the barrier during a particular part (we got chased away often but I was a stubborn ass \o///// I was really lucky I got that spot for that time ok)
The boys were singing Angel with their perfectly cute wings then and walked around the stadium. When Chan walked to my area, he looked up at us. (FUCKING FAPPED AND SCREAMED LIKE A WHINY SHRILLY BITCH.)

Immediately after chan left ho took over his place and did this to me while singing his part (of course with a much more gentle but handsome expression.... the song is angel afterall;;). SERIOUSLY YOU DICKHEADS IS IT AMUSING TO SEE A FANGIRL DIE;; I was holding a chan towel it's so obvious I am his personal fan so junho y u try to kill me again & again;; unless ofc it's somehow a chanho moment and ho is telling me to watch out omg lmfao jk i am not that delusional and i am pretty sure ho ain't gay aight;;

ANYWAY, GOD HAS ANSWERED MY PRAYERS. HE SENT ANGELS (LITERAL REFERENCE) AND IT HAPPENED TO BE MY OTP. BITCHES BE TRIPPIN` Never really thought this would happen to me tbh lmao. This trip was really worth flying over for. Apart from entering into a few events as media to get coverage for W2D, it was nice to see them perform live again as a cray stan. EXCEPT TBH I HAD TO HOLD IN MY SCREAMS AND EXCITEMENT WHILE I WAS IN AS PRESS AND GOT ABSOLUTELY NIL FANSERVICE. And the fact that my camera fucks up by not taking shots when the boys looked into it kind of pisses me off;; huhuhuhuhu I had no professional accessories/zoom lenses or what not ok I tried my best as a 16 y/o in Thailand alone bish. HEADING HOME TOMORROW. CHANSUNG AND BUCK COMING BACK TO THAI SOON. WAE U NEVER TELL ME BEFORE I BOOK TICKETS;; /butthurt and still wants to see chansung.

대박!!!!!!!!!!!!! 찬성랑해

EVERY TIME I RECALL THIS INCIDENT I SMILE LIKE A FUCKTARD AND LITERALLY SQUINT AND DIE. I really hope someone caught it on a fancam though ): I was pretty butthurt I didn't get a rose before because I got cockblocked by 49237492374234 people, hence I was extremely pumped up to get myself some fanservice huhuhuhu. Once again, God does exists ♥ I can't wait to just see him again for Mnet in SG ;~~~~~~~~~~; Anyway I let it all out during this concert because every time I saw 2PM I was somehow, among the group of presses;; I'm not even going to bother with being a media the next time I see them huhuhuhuhu. (I just want media for Mnet in SG because I am lazy to queue up;;)

So after the entire concert (which was a blast because 2PM had like 987423972434324..... plus I had a good laugh at the singing of Taec and Chan in TOW & 목숨을 건다) Obb sent me back to the hotel along with her husbando & Kii ^______^ THEY WERE ALL REALLY NAISU TO ME I'M EXTREMELY GRATEFUL LMAO ;A; 2pm left via the CIP terminal (but of course -_______-) so I wouldn't be able to see them even if I went to "send them off" at the airport. Stayed in the lobby for my wifi to tell the entire world what happened, then finally slept around 3PM. Despite Thailand only having an hour difference from SG, I felt this major jet lag \o/////

Day 4; 10114
I really wanted to stay till the 16th because Bucksung would be back for that MBC audition shit or w/e :< (In fact I'm so butthurt rn looking through the pics of them filming it) But anyway, I packed all my shit in the morning and went for breakfast. Apparently, Hyelim and Sunye were directly opposite from my table but I was all "I DUN CURRRR" and cont'd eating my breakfast lmao ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; I'm sorry ok but I really can't give a fuck when it's not 2PM.

When I went to the lobby to use the net, 2PM's ummars were there again huhuhuhuhu. I stared from afar because I spoke to one of the Mnet staffs about pictures and she told me I couldn't take pictures. However, she was pretty amazed I was an international fan ~_____~ They had this huge chat among themselves, along with WG who came down minutes later. (LMAO I WAS OPPOSITE STARING AT THEM Y CAN'T I JOIN THE KEWL CLUB)

Went to the airport myself because Daw lost her purse during Mnet so she had to report to the police on that day. The hotel bill made me cry a little inside l o l. My taxi driver was like, half chinese or something so he tried to converse with me in chinese;; But you need to understand I am really bad in that language too so I had trouble understanding him  R O F L WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT;;

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at
I'm extremely proud I went in despite being 16 ok /growing up feels mature having 2nd thoughts on what I want to be when I grow up keke

Got back home and unpacked. I purchased way more fandom related goods compared to normal shitty things so my mom was like "-_____________________- TA MA DE" throughout and eventually left me alone to do my own thing l o l. Mom just made me let her browse through the pictures I took in Thailand. She really liked Buck l o l. When I was browsing through the pictures way too fast she's all "GO BACK!!!!!!!!!" if Buck's not in the picture;; She said Taec was a very handsome namja too. I briefed her on their backgrounds, and she was extremely interested in Buck being half Thai & half Chinese lmao. I asked her if she could figure out who's my bias and she immediately pointed to Chansung. DUDE, I SWEAR I HAVE NEVER SHOWED MY LIKING TOWARDS HIM BEFORE. Even in my room the only solo pictures/photos I have are of Jay;; Ummar was all "YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER OFC I KNOW" huhuhuhu ILU` TOO MUMMY BUT WHY DIDN'T YOU COMPLIMENT HIM LIKE HOW YOU DID FOR TAECKHUN. I do kind of want to ask my dad the same question but... how awkward;;

» STILL EXTREMELY BUTTHURT I'M NOT IN THAILAND TODAY ;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS HAVE GOTTEN WORST THAN THE TIME JAY CAME TO SG. YOU THINK MY LOVE FOR CHANSUNG COULDN'T GET ANY GREATER? WELL WELL WELL. Definitely heading down to Thailand or where ever if I get another chance. Heard they'll be there for Oppo in Thailand around January though. C O C K B L O C K E D. I do have plans to head over to Korea around June omg please be back from Japan \ o / But I did have loads of fun on this trip and I was honored to help W2D out huhuhuhu. PLEASE INVEST IN NIKON ZOOM LENSES SO I CAN TAKE NICER PHOTOS FOR YOU GUYS;; But anyway, as you can see there are not many personal photos :/ Too busy snapping 2PM and saving my battery/memory for them.

» Band practice resumed today but l o l I told them I'm still in Thailand and am only returning on the 16th ^_____^;; Can someone please remove me from band permanently urgh. I made a huge promise to my dad on how if he sent me to Thailand this time round I'll work 100001 times harder on my studies. Urgh fuck life but here I am trying to keep my promise....................... which starts tomorrow;;

» Want more pictures? L O L get on W2D /forever pimping.

» First update in ages I needed to let this out somewhere. DNW to forget my romeo and juliet moment with chansung l o l.. Plus most of my unnirs wanted me to write it all out;; Kwakwakwa can't promise another update any time sooner but I've missed you LJ ♥ !
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