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#30; 2010 scrapbook

Yes even I'm finally doing it! Are you?
Why do I sound like I am pimping this...

Updated: 100227



  handphone wallpaper



100101 start of 2010; praying it'll be a better year
100104 start of school semester. new campus, new class, new mates
100105 happy birthday yang yoseob
100106 first meet up with before school/siao ding dong girls ♥
100110 scheduler bought on impulse because of bias (ampm cover page) from jp's artbox
100112 gail ng's birthday and i fucking forgot i feel so terrible D:
100113 purchased chansung's kiss me mug on impulse ;~;
100115 skipped school to make dumplings with girls; Jun.K's birthday; Return of Yuannie ♥
100116 500th day anniversary of 2pm ever since debut ♥
100117 end of heartbeat promotions
100118 dinner with girls; Nydia paid 50% (woohoo~)
100120 daddy himself broke the news to us
100121 2am's mini album release
100122 short steamboat at zhaungs' with the girls; shangri-la buffet (dad spent $10000 for the entire company ;~;)
100125 happy birthday junho ♥
100203 sma; omfg chantaec ventured into porn idek anymore
100205 jay it's been 150 fucking days since you left :/
100211 happy birthday hwang pasta ♥
100212 bugis shopping with girls & mbank special over at zhaung's house
100214 cny but depressed i'm not heading back to hometown; lesser red packets recieved D:
100220 happy birthday siyuan ♥
100225 official announcement of jay never returning releasing, fml forever D:
100226 mummy's birthday; i left my entire math test blank i feel so screwed
100227 press conference; booked 3 tickets to thailand
100228kate passed me secret link to stream ♥; stayed up till 5am listening to recording of press conference :/


100104 Kim Myoungjae (Ulzzang)
100201 Crossfire


Change - Hyunah
Mazeltov - ZE:A
Jiggly - F.cuz
Tik Tok - 2PM
외톨이야 - C.N.Blue
그녀에게 (feat. 찬성 of 2PM) - 2AM
죽어도 못 보내 - 2AM
웃어 줄 수가 없어서 미안하다 - 2AM
I Love You (feat. 백찬, 주희 of 8eight) - 2AM
American boy - Estelle
영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 - SNSD
BRAVE HEART (feat. 西野カナ) - Nerdhead
Kiss The Rain - Yiruma
Take You Down - Chris Brown Tok tok tok - 4men
Open Happiness - 2PM
Follow your soul - 2PM

FML I still have shit loads of homework left :/ I really need time managing counseling now
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