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#43; Mnet Ultimate Live in Singapore

because I need to in order to join communities lololololol.
» Hi guys ♥ I need to join 4985793457439543 communities in order to download shows because nowadays it's been extremely difficult to get torrents ;~~~;! And because my life is uninteresting, I'll post up my MULA in SG fan account from 5 months ago (lolololololol it's been in my notepad all this while I WAS TOO LAZY TO UPDATE IT;)

» Just a side note, Day 1 and Day 3 fan accounts were typed out 5 months ago (a few days after the entire thing), while Day 2 were typed out today, less-detailed and in haste lololololololol) Plus, I guess you can see a little difference in the way I type /has not been blogging for months.

Day 1

Got up at 7AM with this indescribable feeling. The fact that 2PM was heading down had yet to hit me, but I was just excited, if y;know what I mean. SKIPPING LONG ASS SHITTY BORING WALKING AROUND AND EXPLORING SHIT BECAUSE I'M TOO TIRED. Boys got to the hotel via the couch terminal, in which us fans could only stay at the side and look at them as they exited their shuttle buses and into the /vip/ room. w e e p s. I only saw chansung then because I was looking for him, and when he got off my eyes followed him too ^___^. Right after 2PM were MIss A and Mblaq's buses, but it suddenly hit me if I ran up to the lobby and looked up to level 4, I might be able to see 2pm again. And you know how 2pm > everybody else, so I ran up rofl. THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED.

As I went up the escalator and emerged to the top, a dude in yellow appeared in front of me. WOOYOUNG. R O F L. I was in total shock for 7047252492 seconds before recovering and I looked behind him, only to find myself staring at Junho. There were a few fans following the boys from behind as there were guards blocking them from getting close but luckily for me I emerged at the right timing so I got to /be in the zone/ lulz. I ended up walking with Junho with a ^___________________^afbodiunbasuvjnsdlvnsd face, in which Minjae saw me and had that gesture that told me /no touching back away etc etc. AND YOU KNOW HOW I RABU MINJAE SO I WAS ALL "IT'S OK I WON'T DO ANYTHING ^___^" IN HAND LANGUAGE so he left me alone and let me continue walking OMG SARANGHAE YOU DA B2ST MANAGER LMAOOOOOOO.

Junho was a dick (inside story). I couldn't follow them into the lift so I stayed right outside the entry, then I remembered how Buck, who stood beside Ho, was a mother fuxxing saint, and ended up shouting "BYE KHUN~". He looked over and smiled keukeukeuuuuuuuuu~`  LOOK I GOT A HEAVENLY ANGELIC SMILE FROM BUCK I GUESS I COULD BE COUNTED AS "LUCKIER THAN ALL THE OTHER BITCHES PRESENT". Yet, thinking back now, where the fuck did chansung disappear to from my eyes;; Not that I even dared to speak to them omg the aura they all gave off -________-;; THEY WERE HANDSOME DUDES IT'S OK IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!

By then, everyone was crowding around the lift area so i squeezed my way out. I was on my way to look for the others, who were probably still welcoming the other artiste, when I heard random korean coming from this tall, tanned dude in front of me. I took a closer look only to realise it was Seulong, and the fact that not a single soul recognised him (because they were all too busy staring at 2PM;;) made me think twice. I ended up standing beside him and waiting for him to finish his conversation (OK FINE HE DIDN'T;; HE REALISED I WAS THERE AND STOPPED TO STARE AT ME LMAO) in which I greeted him and shook his hand, as awkwardly as I did with Taec in Thailand.

I COULDN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE BUT A HANDSHAKE OK GET OVER IT;; I asked if a picture was possible but he said it in the qtest /shoorrreeehhhh/ so I went all "it's ok l o l." It was only when I said goodbye to them when people realised who he was (ok i admit i was loud so people looked over;;). LMAO IDE- BITCHES Y U SLOW Y U WANT TO WATCH CLOSING ELEVATOR LIFT FROM AN ANGLE IN WHICH U CAN'T SEE 2PM WHEN U CAN, LIKE ME, SAY HARROW OPPA TO ONG ONG ^____^. A mob of fangirls moved from the lift to him, flashing their fucking camera into his face (really girls, really) He had to gently shove them away/hide himself from the snaps. Poor dude :'D At least he sought /refuge/ in the restaurant nearby.

After much consideration, we decided to head down to IMM for the fansign/fanmeet as soon as possible. Even though me & Afrah were able to get in as media (Along with steph ^____^) we do have competition as we had to be seated on chairs. The /kiasuism/ in us screamed "GET THERE NOW" so we took a cab down around 4PM (Fanmeet was at 7:30PM...........). After waiting for hours + running to the loo 10 times, the boys finally arrived TT TT!!!!

I whored out my slogan towel despite being in media (no matter who you are, you still love 2PM; self convince-ment phrase ^___^) The boys were perfect beings and their english were lulzy. Chansung cracked while he greeted, in which I squealed over how adorable it was............ to me. Watch fancams, you'll know what happened during the entire fanmeet l o l. I got fed up with CHansung because all he did was look over to me and the towel for 9u794234 times without smiling/waving/whatever other fan service so me and Afrah decided to start calling out for Taecyeon/Junsu who were directly opposite us.

We yelled for Taec, in which loads of fans also did so and he reacted with a smile of acknowledgment. He was so trollish throughout the fansign with his dramamama over emphasized expressions. I tried yelling out to Junsu. Which took me a few tries before he heard me and look over with those surprised puppy eyes (lmao they probably saw me with the chansung towel /)______(\ ) I pointed him to Afrah's camera, hoping he'd pose, and he stared into her lenses with an eye smile (and possibly a peace sign, I can't even remember because his puppy eyes were the most memorable) Afrah was caught in shock and wasn't prepared so she didn't catch the moment nviodnvundfvndf ):

BUT OMG I REALLY DO WANT TO KEYSMASH OVER HOW ADORABLE HE WAS WHEN I CALLED OUT FOR HIM ;AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA;!!!!!!!!!! JPAEJOEBJ[ERJBGERE09HG8R4GERGVA'PMVMV'ARV;'SVS. Honestly if you were to ask me to recall the entire fanmeet, I wouldn't be able to because Junsu's prection killed my memory. (WE CAN HOWEVER, TALK ABOUT HOW GORGEOUSLY BORING CHANSUNG LOOKED, because he kept looking at his pen, to the floor, or w/e; or on buckwooho and how they were too far away from me so 99% of my pictures did not include them;;) The fanmeet was suppsoed to last for an hour but it only lasted till 8PM;; So after looking out for a few of my friends and getting told the obvious: aka chansung was like a perfect, flawless being irl, we decided to cab back down to the hotel (Why yes, we spent alot)

I had intense tummy ache while we waited in line for a cab, probably from the lack of food + major running up and down. But when we got there and finally checked in, we went off to find food, whch was 97999480599435 km away from the hotel. That period of time was such torture for me because I was exhausted and "in pain". (IDE want to talk about how halfway eating I was informed Chantaecsu headed for the gym. THE BUTTHURT-dfbshfsfnjgfs nvxjdxg After purchasing a carton of HL milk, cabbing down to observe the queue and loitering around the hotel lobby in hope to bump into someone, I got fed up with life and decided to head upstairs to sleep on the carpet. at around 3:30AM with Sheryl.

Day 2

Desiree informed us through texts, around 4+/5+ that we should head down asap (to be continued, or never continued)



So after pigging out at the hotel while my friends lined up for me (xoxo ilu girls ;a;), I headed down to get the blue tags (aka the first 500 with these will get to enter the venue first). HAVOC. CHAOS. ETC ETC. PEOPLE PUSHED, PEOPLE SWORE, PEOPLE CRIED. But our group still got it anyway. Yet, being pigs, me and Vern decided to sell them off because we really didn't want to line up another time to get into the venue (Earned 50 bucks from this. Worth it. You'll see why). So me and Vern, along with Lynn and Andria, returned to the hotel and slept till it was an hour or 2 before the concert.




But it was the VIP area. WHO CARES!!!! WE RAN IN LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We weren't stopped or anything, thinking back now, I think they opened it up to the public because there were still spaces left.

I still wasn't near the stage though. I'm an ambitious person, so from the start of the concert (aka irrelevance. lol no offence) i was planning of ways to "get to the front". I didn't need to though. People pushed and pushed and pushed me, so I pretended to get annoyed. But really, it was so much of a help because by the time it was tupiem's turn to get on stage, I was one person away from the barricades ^________^v GENIUS RVIAN DAS ME.

RHGUAEBGORNBGUASFZDFNAS THE BOYS WERE PERFECT AND STUFF BUT I GOT A LIL` BUTTHURT CHANSUNG WAS ONLY ON THE LEFT WHEN HE WAS ON THE MAIN STAGE. BIASED BIASED BIASED GDI EVEN WHEN WOO AND TAEC WERE IN FRONT OF ME I WAS ALL "CHANSUNG Y U NO COME OVER GDI". LOl no seriously, taec was giving out candy to the chick directly in front of me and all I did was stare at chansung on the other side of the stage;; The performances were, lol how do I put this. People would be all "OMG HEART BEAT NEXT" and I'd be all "lol no bitch it's 목숨을 건다". And I was always right, fuck yea. Lmao ok I had an advantage, considering how I was at MULA in Thailand. AND THEY ARE BOTH /MULA/ SO I DOUBT THE ACTS WOULD HAVE CHANGED.

Shit ended, went to look for friends, ate supper, decided to wake up real early to "see" the boys off, slept.
(ends of fan account written today /making sure everyone knows whats going on lol)

Day 3

(cont'd with my fan account typed out from five months ago shit i am naggy)

Vern & I woke up around 4:30AM, in which Desiree was too lazy to so she made us go explore ourselves TT TT. After looking around, I suddenly remembered 2PM stayed at level 13 of Tower 1 (We found out on the first day because the security gaurd of theirs /blew their cover away by looking own ^____^;; And the fact that me and the other girls went to explore level 14 the precious day & saw staffs entering rooms on that level made us even more sure lol). I din't want to look like I was obviously stalking, becasue it'd be rather disturing and awkward, so me and vern went down to leve; 12 of our tower and looked up to level 13 of tower 1. And there it was, a staff. Lol bitch kept staring at us and we were all "we're not moving /slouches slmps lies down but continues staring." We looked down to level 4 and saw Miss A leave, so we started to panic abit, knowing the boys would be doing so too.

It was only then did idol-dressed men exited the rooms on level 13. Nobody told us Mblaq had left, plus there was this one skinny, non-chansung dude who stared at us for a period of time (lol sorry ok Chansung was all I had in mind). It was only then, I recognised Taec...... in his stripes and shades and w/e beanie. LMAO IT WAS MOTHER FUCKING 2PM THERE AND WOOYOUNG WAS STARING AT US, WHILE WE WERE ALL "MEH SKINNY DUDES MUST BE MBLAQ WHERE IS 2PM" LMAOOOOOO. He probably thought we were weird to not fap and go irhvoieuhnvuesnvuesnvuiesfvds too;; We recognised Jun. K with his swagger walk too keukeu. But yes those were the only 3 members we recognised because they kept entering and exiting the room. W E E P S CHANSUNG Y U WALK AWAY SO FAST. Thinking back now I suspect Chansung and the others had the rooms at the other end of the corridor because staffs entered 1347 at the other end and not the one we saw Taecwoosu exit from....................................... You'd think how the fuck would we know Woo was staring at us with shades on, but he was directly facing us, parallel-y staring through the glass window, & not some 270 degree turn or whatever bullshit you can come up with ^_________^;;

and of course, (i forgot to label), the white stickman is wooyoung hehehehehe.
Seems far but it really is quite near and obvious is someone was staring at you trololololololololol

Anyway, they finally finished jumping in and out of the room and headed for the lift, in which we started to panic and run down to the couch terminal. This time, we were not allowed to enter that venue to send them off. FUCKING COCKBLOCK I CAN'T EVEN- WEEPS. I tried the other escalator too but to no avail. It was only then did I remember where the buses exit from the couch terminal, and took off to that venue. The fanboy we met since the first day was already there, so we went to ask him if he knows anything, only to be told 2PM has left. TT TT Well, me & vern comforted ourselves by saying all the other fangirls didn't even get to seem them (Fuck yes for having a room + gr8 observing skills) and delusional-y concluded Woo (and possibly he other 2) was checking us out rofl life. Yes my butthurt has not left me. Withdrawal symptoms? I was excited to see Chansung and feared the symptom would strengthened, but MULA in SG killed it. It can be a good thing but.................. immense butthurt if y'know what I mean ;_________;

» Quite an experience lol. Looking back after 5 months........... ok i didn't even read it so pardon my typos and grammar etc etc etc ~____~;;;;;;; THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. IF U NEED ME, I'M ON TWITTER HEHE. Studying my ass off nowadays, dnw to get my dad back down to school to attend talks by my principal :/


P.S: It's 4 months not 5. I got thai's and SG's mula dates mixed up ~___~
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